WBU Lady Milne Trial 2012 30/01/2012

VP table of results

Detailed results with travellers and scorecards

Hand records: Sessions one, two, three, four

Based on pairs performances in the trials and over the past two years the Selectors have chosen the following two teams:

Wales - Linda Greenland & Aida Aris, Sue Ingham & Laura Woodruff, Jill Casey & Diane Kurbalija, NPC Adrian Thomas
WBU - Val Kennewell & Margaret Lane, Jill Knight & Joan Murray, Gilly Clench & Lee Collier NPC Mike Close
Reserves Sheila Shea & Beth Wennell

Pairs in the trials (28-29 January 2012 at Crossgates) applied using this application form, which has more information. Arrangements etc. Systems cards.