The competitions shown on these pages include WBU, Open Area,
and non-WBU events which include a Welsh representation.


Mid Wales Congress:Liz Commins & David StevensonSwiss Pairs
Janet & David BarnesSwiss Teams      Ximps
Beth & Barry Wennell
Cambria Cup:Pat Shields, Paul Denning,Photo – Winners
Diana & Filip Kurbalija
North Wales Swiss Pairs:John Samson & Jason HackettResults      Photo – Winners
Rodney Lighton & Neil Thomas
Teams-Of-Eight:LlanfairfechanResults      Ximps
Perry:East WalesResults      Ximps
Spickett:North WalesResults      Ximps
Presidents Cup:Mid WalesResults      Ximps
Webber:Paddy Murphy & Mark RoderickResults
Yuan Shen & Tony Disley
Lady Milne:ScotlandResults
National Pairs:Mike Pownall & Mia DeschepperResults
Mixed Pairs:Gareth Jones & Ann Marie ZangourasResults      Photo – Winners
East Wales Swiss Teams:Diane Kurbalija, Filip Kurbalija,Results      Ximps
Dan McIntosh & Pat Shields
Junior Camrose:EnglandResults
Seniors Trial:Gary Jones & Paul LamfordResults      Ximps
Lady Milne Trial:Ceri Pierce & Maggie PierceResults
Llangollen Swiss Teams:Bernard & Rhona Goldenfield,Results      Photo – Winners
John Holland, Jackie Pye
Premier League:John Salisbury, Tim Rees,Results      Ximps
Gary Jones, Paul Lamford
Welsh Foursomes:Filip & Diane Kurbalija,Results      Photo – Winners
Peter Goodman, Jeremy Dhondy
Ladies Weekend:Viv Mably & Ann SleeSwiss Pairs
Gilly Clench & Laura WoodruffSwiss Teams      Ximps
Mia Deschepper & Beth WennellPhotos – Winners


East Wales Congress:Miles Cowling & Ron DavisSwiss Pairs
Miles Cowling & Ron DavisSwiss Teams      Ximps
Chris Dixon & Rob Lawy
Patrick Jourdain:David Kendrick & Jon CookeResults
Invitation Pairs
Mid Wales Congress:Paddy Murphy & Mark RoderickSwiss Teams      Ximps
Laura Woodruff & Mike Close
Teams-Of-Eight:BridgendResults      Ximps      Photo – Winners
Perry:EastResults      Ximps      Photo – Winners
Spickett:NorthResults      Ximps      Photo – Winners

Presidents Cup:EastResults      Ximps      Photo – Winners
Teltscher:EnglandResults      Ximps      Photo – Welsh Team
Lady Milne:EnglandResults
North Wales Congress:Babs Matthews & John FarmerSwiss Pairs
Tracy Capel & Gary HyettSwiss Teams      Ximps
Rhona & Bernard Goldenfield
Webber Cup:Filip Kurbalija & Paul LamfordResults      Ximps
Tony Ratcliff & Mike Tedd
National Pairs:Mike Tedd & John SalisburyResults      Photo – Winners
Camrose:IrelandResults      Photo – Wales
Mixed Pairs:Simon & Debbie RichardsResults
Seniors Trials:Paul Lamford & Gary JonesResults
Lady Milne Trials:Aida Aris & Sue InghamResults
Graded Pairs:1) Gilly Clench & David BirtSection 1
2) Colin & Lavinia ThomasResults Sections 2,3,4
3) Glyn Meredith & Jo Copping
4) Spencer Williams & Derek Jones
Premier League:Richard Plackett & Paul LamfordOverall Results      Photo – Winners

Paul Denning & Adrian Thomas
Ladies Weekend:Laura Woodruff & Mia DeschepperPairs
Sheila Shea & Margaret BarnesTeams      Ximps
Andrea Knox & Sarah Amos
Welsh Foursomes:Filip & Diane KurbalijaResults      Ximps
Jeremy Dhondy & Peter Goodman

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