Bridge – what is it all about?

Bridge is a fun and challenging card game which combines skill with fortune. Played in tables of four people, the rules of the game are relatively straightforward, allowing even debutantes with a few lessons under their belt to play with confidence – although becoming an expert can take a lifetime!

Bridge has changed from the early days when it was the game of choice in exclusive clubs and high society. It remains a popular social game in homes but is now also played competitively in clubs (duplicate bridge) and on the Internet. Recent years have seen the development of the professional game with sponsors creating teams to vie for the world’s top prizes and Bridge holidays on cruises and exotic locations.

Bridge not only has a social side but it’s good for the brain or so it seems!
Link Bridge for Brain Health

Refresher or Improver

Maybe you’ve just done some lessons, or learnt bridge at home. Or you played bridge before and want to get back into it There are many options such as ‘supervised play’ where you play duplicate in a more relaxed pace with advice from experts. Improver lessons that explore beyond the basics to improve your techniques and understanding of the game. Individual or small groups tuition which typically happens in a more social environment

Club Level Player?
There are clubs throughout the country both WBU Affiliated and Non Affiliated.All the clubs welcome guests and they operate on different days of the week so there should be able to find a club that suits your needs. Some clubs run afternoon sessions and some evening, all with parking facilities or arangements.
The clubs vary in location and standards but all are friendly and welcoming.

Another Group?
Do you want to start a new social bridge group or club in your area? You can contact the WBU to help you with the logistics and you will find many village halls, community centres and pubs that are more than willing to rent space to bridge clubs