Europeans & Teltscher Trophy

53rd European Bridge Team Championships

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The 53rd European Bridge Team Championships were held in Budapest from the 16th to 25th of June.

Wales fielded two teams – an Open and a Seniors team.

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The Welsh Teams are as follows:


Patrick Jourdain/Gary Jones; Richard Plackett/Simon Richards; Julian Pottage/Tony Ratcliff; NPC: Alan Stephenson


Mike Tedd/John Salisbury; Paul Denning/Patrick Shields; Filip & Diane Kurbalija; NPC: Alan Stephenson

Coach – Krista Powell-Edwards


16th European Women’s National Pairs Championships

Women's pair2

Gilly Clench and Laura Woodruff from Wales entered this event and their result may be viewed here

Teltscher Trophy Team

Teltscher Trophy Team
L to R – John Salisbury, Filip Kurbalija, Tony Disley, Mike Tedd. Front – Diane Kurbalija & Philip Felman

Link to Results – Teltscher Trophy