The Celtic Nations Sims
Simultaneous Pairs seem to have lost their appeal – perhaps because of a surfeit of events?
The Celtic Sims were introduced as a replacement for the money Wales used to get from the BGB Simultaneous Pairs – approximately £10,000 per annum – which was used to fund our International Teams.
The English Bridge Union thought it could raise more money by taking these over, and because of a lack of communication the WBU’s share of the profit has dropped radically.
We ask all clubs to support both the Welsh Simultaneous Pairs events, St David’s Day and Autumn ; and the Celtic Simultaneous Pairs which will help fund our International Teams.
There is no need to take extra trouble by fixing an extra night for the Celtic Sims: there are hands for every night of the week, so you can play on an ordinary club night. (Some clubs put up notices, then have to cancel for lack of support: this is self-defeating!)
There is no need to charge the full amount on top of your club table money: the club need not issue Master Points, need not give out prize money. Booklets with hand commentary, and Master Points are awarded centrally. Wealthier clubs might even consider subsidising their players to help make the event a success?
The Winter event runs from 30 November-4 December 2015, and will be run by Scotland, so commentary by your favourite Scottish heroes. (Liz McGowan. John Matheson, Jon Murdoch and Iain Sime). Please make sure that it is included in your Club Calendar.

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