Members of the Welsh Bridge Union may register on this site using their WBU number and a personal password. (Registration requires activation using a link sent to the user by email). Your personal information may be edited or amended by you as required and the Welsh Bridge Union will only use this data in connection with your membership. No details will be sold, shared or given to third parties.

The Welsh Bridge Union operates a Master Point Scheme.

Our Members have enjoyed the benefits of the scheme which enables recognition of their achievements from Local Master right through to Premier Grand Master.

Clubs have also appreciated the value of the scheme with its unique incentives in helping to promote and retain club membership.

Any player can obtain points from success in duplicate bridge competition, on a scale which varies according to the success itself, the size of the competition and its status. Approximately the top one-third of players in a competition will be entitled to Master Points. The register of Master Points is kept by the Master Point Secretary of the Welsh Bridge Union. Only members of the WBU may register their points and have their records maintained. Your personal Master Point holding may be viewed on your membership record but not amended.
Masterpoints from other countries
We accept Masterpoints from the following countries: England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and Australia. We do not accept Masterpoints from any other countries, as typically systems are not comparable to the WBU’s.

Welsh Bridge Union Master Point Secretary and WBU Membership Secretary is
Phil Bowers. (He can be emailed using the contact page.)

WBU Master Point rankings as of August 2017. (Points registered in Wales only)

WBU Rank Current Membership Alphabetical 09-08-17
WBU Rank Current Membership by Club and Rank 09-08-17
WBU Rank Current Membership by Rank 09-08-17
WBU Rank Current Membership Grand Masters 09-08-17

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