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In partnership with the WBU
Online Bridge for club players and clubs wanting their own sessions.

Now starting to roll out our facility for dedicated Club sessions we need users to familiarise themselves with, and experience playing on StepBridge. To facilitate this we have scheduled more tournaments for Wednesdays and Sundays at 7pm. If you have not participated in previous games please register along with your partner and enjoy the play which will be structured like a normal F2F club session. There will be seven rounds of three boards with competent direction and proper results with full analysis of the hands and bidding emailed to you and published on your dedicated club webpage. Those of you who have played before welcome and please spread the news about how good this is.
Personal Registration https://www.stepbridge.co.uk
Club Registration https://www.stepbridge.co.uk/club-presence/
Thanks to the generosity of StepBridge International, these and subsequent sessions will be free of charge until further notice and at least until the year end. Stage as many Club sessions as you wish. Need some help? Training available and free of charge.
Combine with other Clubs – not a problem!

Want to stage an Area competition or Congress online – No problem just enquire.

Any questions please to stepbridge@wbu.org.uk

Next sessions are at 7pm on Wednesdays
and 7pm Sundays.

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