The Winners – Team Plackett with Paddy Murphy WBU President, Paul Lamford, Adrian Thomas, Richard Plackett, Paul Denning.

Team Rankings

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Second Weekend – Play whole Matches or just a single board again using this link to Bridge Solver.

First Weekend – Play whole Matches or just a single board again using this link to Bridge Solver.
Start by clicking in the table in the bottom right corner to select the correct combination of declarer and the suit in which the contract was played.

The cards of the player on lead will be highlighted. The small numbers (like the values on scrabble tiles) indicate the number of tricks which can be made by that player if that card is selected. Cards highlighted in green give the best result for that player (assuming optimal play by all players from that point forward), the cards in yellow an inferior result. The number of possible tricks will update as each card is played.

Click on a green or yellow card to play it.

Cards highlighted in blue are cards already played as part of the current trick. Cards which are greyed out have been played as part of a previous trick. The button marked with a back arrow can be used to unplay one or more cards.

The ‘options’ button allows for some modification of the display format.


Thanks to John Goacher, author of Bridge Solver Online, for providing this analysis tool, and to Gwynne Hughes at BridgeWebs for hosting it.



The Premier League will act as the trial to aid selection for the teams to represent Wales in the 2017 Camrose series. Participation in the Premier League will be taken as indicating availability for those Camrose matches, if selected.

The team finishing first in the trial, and the pair finishing top of the X-IMP rankings (provided they have played at least 50% of the boards), will be guaranteed at least one Camrose weekend.

The Premier League will take place in mid Wales on the two weekends of 22/23 October and 5/6 November.

There is no entry fee, but table money will be charged at the rate of £40 per player, per weekend.


The following six teams (plus a further two teams to be confirmed in due course) will contest this season’s Premier League. The Premier League will take place over the two weekends of 22/23 October and 5/6 November in the Commodore Hotel, Llandrindod Wells. Sarah Amos will direct. Each weekend will comprise seven 14 board matches. Further information, including precise timings, will be posted in due course.


CLENCH (G. Clench; D. Birt; C. Pierce; M. Pierce; D. MacAndrew)

MILEWSKI (P.Milewski; M. Baker; S. Jarvis; N. Forrest; T. Howarth; K.Maddox)

PITTS (B. Pitts; B. Jones; A. Stephenson; P. Kaufmann)

PLACKETT (R. Plackett; P. Lamford; P. Denning; A. Thomas)

RODERICK (M. Roderick; P. Murphy; Y.Shen; T. Disley)

TEDD (M. Tedd; J. Salisbury; G. Jones; T. Rees; T. Ratcliff; J. Pottage)

HOUSTON (H. Houston, M, Deschepper, T. Towers, M. Pownall)

DAVIS (G. Davis, S. Ingham, B. Wennell, B. Wennell, S. Gottschalk, C. Rochelle)

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