WBF 2017 Laws of Duplicate Bridge

January 2019
The World Bridge Federation Laws Committee has announced the release its Commentary on the 2017 Laws of Duplicate Bridge. It is now available for download on the WBF website, linked here.

There are no errors in the latest publication of the WBU produced WBF 2017 law books

The 2017 Laws of Duplicate Bridge are now published.

The links below are for the Laws in different formats for your convenience – there is both a word and a pdf version of each of three documents:

First showing the changes (highlighted in green and yellow with the changes that have been made since the beginning of January 2017 in Green and the previously shown differences between the 2007 and 2017 codes remain in Yellow.);
Second a version with no highlights and
Third a version with no highlights as a paginated version that could be printed directly as a booklet if you wish.

Please be aware that this is only done as an approximation of the way the pagination can be achieved and is not exact, especially with regard to the Scoring Table (Law 77).

Link to WBF website

The 2017 Laws will be used at the World Championships this year.

The WBF has set a deadline of September 30th, 2017 as the latest possible date for Zones and NBOs to commence using the new 2017 Laws of Duplicate Bridge.

The WBU and EBU will be applying the new laws from the 1st August 2017 at all Congresses & Competitions.

WBU Summary of changes by Tony Haworth LAWS 2017_Commentary
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The EBU Blue & White Books revised 2017 and used by the WBU with permission from the English Bridge Union may be viewed using this page Link