2017 Laws Of Duplicate Bridge

2017 Laws Of Duplicate Bridge (WBU Flip-Book)


WBU Summary Of Changes (2017/2007)

WBF Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2017 Gender Neutral Edition

WBU Laws Flow Charts 2017 – (Revised November 2019)

WBU Laws Flow Charts 2019 (Flip-Book)


WBF Laws Commentary 2019

WBU StepBridge Club Directors Guide

WBU StepBridge User guide

* EBU Blue-Book 2017

* EBU Sky-Blue Book for Online Bridge June 2020 (Supplement To Blue-Book)

* EBU White-Book-2017

* EBU White Book 2017 (Flip-Book)


* EBU Alerting & Announcements

* EBU Publications available by download with the permission of the English Bridge Union.

Other Documents and Articles

Basic Tournament Directing (Used For The WBU Basic Training Course)

Quick Guide To Major Rulings

Judgement Rulings – (Excl. Simulations)
(Used For The WBU Advanced Training Course)

Bridge Rulings – The Fundamentals

Swiss Pairs and Teams

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