These results are for the current season (September 2020 – August 2021).
However some 2019-20 competions did not complete until after September 2020.

For earlier years please refer to ‘Archived Results’.

The competitions shown include WBU, Open Area,
and non-WBU events which include a Welsh representation.

Due to the CoronaVirus, these events have taken place via an online platform.

For immediate access to latest results please view WBU Bridgewebs Latest Results


Llandudno Congress Tony Haworth & Kevin Maddox Results Consolation Qualifier
Teams-Of-Eight Cardiff ‘White’ Results    
Champion of Champions Peter Milewski & Anthony Stevens Results    
Perry Shield Mid Wales Results X-imps  
Spickett Bowl East Wales Results X-imps  
President’s Cup East Wales Results X-imps  
National Mixed Pairs Aida Aris & Mark Roderick Results    
Geoff Evans League 5

Paul Denning & Richard Plackett
Gary Watson & Richard Chamberlain

Lady Milne England Results    
Teltscher Trophy Ireland Results    
National Pairs Julian Pottage & Tony Ratcliff Results    
Camrose England Results    
Junior Camrose &
Peggy Bayer

East Wales Congress

Alan & Jette Bailey
Fiona Brown & Helen Erichsen
Ollie Burgess & Alan Cook
Swiss Pairs
Swiss Teams

Geoff Evans League (4)

Mike Tedd & Yuan Shen
Paul Lamford & Gary Jones
Julian Pottage & Tony Ratcliff

Lady Milne Trials Mia Deschepper & Ceri Pierce Final Results    
Teltscher Trials

Maggie Pierce & David Mc Andrew

Final Results
Session 2
Session 1
Session 3
Pantathlon University Clubs
(Wales – Cardiff University)


Porthcawl Congress

Mark Roderick & Paddy Murphy
Tony Disley & Adrian Thomas
Gary Hyett & Alan Cooke

Swiss Teams
Red Dragon Final
Men’s Pairs
Novice Pairs

Little Dragon
Ladies’ Pairs
Open Pairs
Mixed Pairs

Geoff Evans League (3)

Paul Denning & Richard Plackett
Pat Shields & Richard Chamberlain
WWBA Open Swiss Pairs Glyn Williams & Vida Halford Results    
Camrose Trials Tony Ratcliff & Julian Pottage Results    
Lady Milne (19-20) England Results    
Teltscher England Results