The competitions shown on these pages include WBU, Open Area,
and Non-WBU which include a Welsh representation.


Most of the events after March 2020 were cancelled due to the impact of the CoronaVirus.

Llandudno Congress:Harry Anoyrkatis & Rob LawyFinal‘B’ Final‘C’ Final
Mixed Pairs: Peter Nickson & Dianne KnightResults
Seniors’ Trial:Paul Denning & Alan StephensonResults
Tony Disley & Adrian Thomas
Camrose: EnglandResultsPhotos – Welsh Team
Graded Pairs:1) Adrian Thomas & Tony DisleyResults
2) Jim Stambridge & Mary PalinResults
3) Tony Davies & Dylan Raw-ReesResults
4) Richard Welsford & Michael JonesResults
Llangollen Swiss Teams:Catherine Draper & Gillian FawcettResults
Andrew Woodcock & Joe Fawcett
Premier League:John Salisbury & Tim Rees2nd. Weekend + OverallXimps1st. Weekend
Tony Ratcliff & Julian Pottage
Welsh Foursomes:Jeff Smith & John Hassett & Jeff MorrisResults
Peter Foster & John Roberts


Cambria Cup:Filip Kurbalija, Diane Kurbalija,ResultsXimpsPhoto – Winners
Pat Shields, Paul Denning
Welsh Cup: Filip Kurbalija, Diane Kurbalija,ResultsXimps
Pat Shields, Paul Denning
Mid Wales Congress:Denis & Kathy TalbotSwiss Pairs Results
Paul & Fiona LittlewoodSwiss Teams Results
Derek & Celia Oram
Teams-Of-Eight:CardiffResultsXimpsPhoto – Winners
Perry:East WalesResultsXimps
Spickett:West WalesResults(1)Results(2)Ximps(1)Ximps(2)
Presidents Cup:West WalesResultsXimps
Lady Milne:EnglandResults
North Wales Congress:Laurence Stone & Chris PopeSwiss Pairs Results
Jeff & Ann WilkinsSwiss Teams Results
Linda Smith & Michael Tomlinson
Champion of Champions:Julian Pottage & Tony RatcliffResultsPhoto – Winners
Webber Cup:Paddy Murphy & Mark RoderickResultsXimps
Gary Jones & Paul Lamford
Mixed Pairs:Ceri Pierce & Eric CummingsResults
Junior Camrose:England
Seniors’ Trials:Filip & Diane KurbalijaResults
Barry Jones & Bob Pitts
Lady Milne Trials:Ceri Pierce & Maggie PierceResults
Graded Pairs:1) Filip & Diane KurbalijaResults
2) Peter Milewski & Anthony StevensResults 2,3,4
3) Alan Heath & Rob Forman
4) A.Spencer & David Williams
Llangollen Swiss Teams:Catherine Draper & Gillian FawcettResultsPhoto – Winners
Andrew Woodcock & Joe Fawcett
Premier League:Julian Pottage & Tony RatcliffResults
Mark Roderick & Paddy Murphy
Simon Richards & Jonathen Richards
North Wales Swiss Pairs:Paddy Murphy & Chris PopeResults
West Wales Swiss Pairs:Kevin Maddox & Mike BestResults
Ladies Weekend:Sue Inghham & Aida ArisPairs Results