The Welsh Bridge Union (WBU) is a membership-funded organisation committed to promoting the game of duplicate bridge. It is also the National Bridge Organisation for Wales recognised by, and affiliated to the World Bridge Federation and the European Bridge League.

For administrative purposes, the WBU is split into four geographical areas: the East, the Mid, the North and the West. We have a CEO but there are no full-time officers of the Union and much of the work is done by elected officials for a token honorarium. The President is elected for a period of one year and this honour rotates around the areas in sequence.

All Welsh Bridge Union affiliated clubs welcome new members. Playing bridge improves concentration and helps memory retention which is an important part of the health and well being of all players but of particular benefit to the older age group. Playing bridge is a social event – particularly important to many widowed, elderly people and single people living alone.

Laws and Ethics Committee

The Laws and Ethics committee of the Welsh Bridge Union is the national authority for the game of duplicate contract bridge in Wales, when played under the auspices of the WBU. It has three principal functions: it is the final WBU appeal body for appeals arising under the laws of the game; it is the principal disciplinary body of the WBU, hearing complaints against members. Current members are Mike Amos, Alan Screen and Mike Tedd.

Selection Committee

The Welsh Bridge Union selection committee is responsible for all aspects of Wales’s international representation. It determines the format of trial matches to assist in choosing teams for major international championships such as the European Championship competed for bi-annually and for the annual home international series involving England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Éire. The home internationals are known as the Camrose (Open) and the Lady Milne (Women). The current chairman is Paul Denning, other selectors are Gwynn Davis, Jean Hand and Mike Amos.


Further information to be used on Club listings welcomed. Competition details with brochures happily published on the Events Calendar.

A letter from the President

Fellow bridge players!

Hello and if you don’t know me, may I introduce myself. I am Paddy Murphy, the new president of the WBU for 2016-17 and I would like to welcome you to a new season of bridge. This is a year of great change in the WBU and I hope that after the end of my tenure we can emerge as a much stronger union and in order to do this I need your help.

As a bridge player for more than 30 years now I have been involved in university bridge during which time I played mostly rubber bridge, club bridge in North Wales, local (county) bridge and some experience of national bridge events and congresses. I know from personal experience that these differing types of bridge attract a wide range of people with different aspirations and when we sally forth from one area to another we feel like we are moving into a new and challenging environment. This can be difficult and I hope that players when they meet new faces can welcome them into the fold and encourage them to continue in their endeavours to play more bridge.

We have two excellent competitions coming up and I would like to invite everyone who is a member of the Union to take part in these great events the details are given below

This is the premier knockout event in the WBU and is a team of four event played by arrangement with the two teams after a random draw is made. The Green point award for this is very generous and we are currently reviewing it to see if we can make it even more generous!

This is a mixed team of four event played by arrangement with the two teams after a random draw is made. Again the GP award is very generous and we hope to review it in line with the Welsh cup

for further information on these events see

I would love to see this competition back to the numbers of entries it had 20 years ago, please consider putting a team in.

In addition please see the WBU bridge site for more up and coming competitions and if you have an questions or suggestions please let me know.


PS I hope to send a monthly update on bridge matters in the WBU with progress and upcoming competitions, I hope this meets with your approval, however if you do not want to receive further emails from the Welsh Bridge Union regarding other bridge matters and events, please email

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