What being a Tutor in partnership with the WBU means
As a Bridge Tutor/Teacher you will receive a substantial level of support from the WBU.

The WBU will provide you with a hosted website with a sub domain name of your own choosing and associated email address if required. You won’t have to be a website expert to use it! You will be able to upload all your own details including course details, club details, pictures and club news. It will come with a customer enquiry form to service your course dates. There will be no cost attached to the website. All websites may be browsed individually or through the master website.
Professional help with advertising copy for tutors/teachers. This is for your use when advertising in the local press or even to use for flyers to give out in your neighbourhood.
The WBU ACOL Teaching Course is divided into 6 sets of 10 lessons.
Each Lesson consists of:
Teachers Notes (a summary of lesson content, not for issue to learners)
Examples of the points covered for use on an overhead or blackboard, or as cards on the tables)
Hands to play (a selection of hands you can make up in advance to use as practice)
Handout(s) for the learners to keep, summarising the lesson content.
A Quiz to use as Homework
This professional material gives the tutor/teacher a unique selling point when compared with other non affiliated teachers and is provided by the WBU free of any charge. (Available by download or on disc).
The Partner Club may issue Master Points free of charge for supervised play sessions of 12 to 16 boards. Students will love collecting Master Points. They give an independent record of achievement from the governing body of the game very early on. It inspires confidence and a continuing sense of achievement. Because they are playing in their own protected environment they can achieve the early ranks quite quickly.
WBU membership to students for the first two years of the course at a reduced fee of 50% of the current rate. This means that the students are looked after by the WBU and the tutor/teacher.
Startup sets of bridge tables, cloths, bidding boxes and boards at a discounted low price.
A full set of Power Point slides and notes is also available at no cost.
An initial stock of decks of cards (24) at no cost.
Special National Simultaneous Pairs Events open only to students.
Protection under the insurance policies held by the WBU. (Further details on request).
Free DBS checks (formerly known as CRB checks) if eligibility requirements are met.

Contact Neville Richards 01597 850050 for details.

Download Lessons using this link WBU Lessons Acol 1-60

Your move from classes to competitive Bridge Document link

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Teachers in Wales with an EBU EBTA accreditation and listing

Julie Lea Davies – Education Officer (Contact through website form)
Anne Davies – Swansea
David Davies – Monmouth
Brian Quinlan – Cardiff
Anne Jones – Cardiff
Carol Butler – Cardiff
Keith Butler – Cardiff
Ian Evans – Cardiff

Teachers in Wales at Clubs

Alan Screen – Newtown
Kay Taylor – Knighton
Kevin Collins – Knighton
Berwyn Woolnough – Llandrindod
Neville Richards – Llandrindod (RedKite Bridge Seminars with assisted play)
Margaret Richards – Llandrindod (RedKite Bridge Seminars with assisted play)
Tony Haworth – Porthcawl
Rita Lawrence – Rhayader
Bob Alderdice – Swansea
Gwynn Davis – Cardiff
Steve Webb – Cardiff
Simon Gottschalk – Cardiff
Joan Jenkins – Penarth
Dave Barwood – Pontyclun

To add your name to this list please email