WBU SIMS – postponed

Coming soon to a bridge club near you:-

The WBU Simultaneous Pairs week … a session every day between 15 & 19th April at your local bridge club.

See how you do when the session is scored across all other Welsh bridge clubs taking part.

This is an annual fundraiser where all funds will help support the development of Welsh Youth Bridge.

Different sets of hands will be available every night.

Anyone who manages to play all 5 days will get a special mention (unless they wish to remain anonymous!).

Our leading International pair Julian Pottage and Tony Ratclif will be writing-up several hands of interest from each nights play.

At present Welsh Youth Bridge training is carried out by volunteers. 

But we also need financial support.

Contact your local Bridge Club Secretary for more details OR email  nto@welshbridgeunion.org