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The competitions shown on these pages include WBU, Open Area,
and non-WBU events which include a Welsh representation.


Some scheduled events were cancelled due to the impact of the CoronaVirus.

Some 2019-20 competitions did not complete until after September 2020.

Due to the CoronaVirus, these events have taken place via an online platform.

Llandudno Congress Tony Haworth & Kevin Maddox Results Consolation Qualifier
Teams-Of-Eight Cardiff ‘White’ Results    
Champion of Champions Peter Milewski & Anthony Stevens Results    
Perry Shield Mid Wales Results X-imps  
Spickett Bowl East Wales Results X-imps  
President’s Cup East Wales Results X-imps  
National Mixed Pairs Aida Aris & Mark Roderick Results    
Geoff Evans League (5) Paul Denning & Richard Plackett Gary Watson & Richard Chamberlain Results    
Lady Milne England Results    
Teltscher Trophy Ireland Results    
National Pairs Julian Pottage & Tony Ratcliff Results    
Camrose England Results    
Junior Camrose & Peggy Bayer England England Results    
East Wales Congress Alan & Jette Bailey Fiona Brown & Helen Erichsen Ollie Burgess & Alan Cook Swiss Pairs Swiss Teams    
Geoff Evans League (4) Mike Tedd & Yuan Shen Paul Lamford & Gary Jones Julian Pottage & Tony Ratcliff Results    
Lady Milne Trials Mia Deschepper & Ceri Pierce Final Results    
Teltscher Trials Maggie Pierce & David Mc Andrew Final Results Session 2 Session 1 Session 3  
Pantathlon University Clubs (Wales – Cardiff University) Compeigne Results    
Porthcawl Congress Mark Roderick & Paddy Murphy Tony Disley & Adrian Thomas Gary Hyett & Alan Cooke Swiss Teams
Red Dragon Final Men’s Pairs Novice Pairs
Little Dragon Ladies’ Pairs Open Pairs Qualifier
Mixed Pairs
Geoff Evans League (3) Paul Denning & Richard Plackett Pat Shields & Richard Chamberlain Results    
WWBA Open Swiss Pairs Glyn Williams & Vida Halford Results    
Camrose Trials Tony Ratcliff & Julian Pottage Results    
Lady Milne (19-20) England Results    
Teltscher England Results    

<current>earlier years